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On Super Sunday, Expect the Unexpected with Marketing Trends Familiar and New

by Shawn McBride| January 28, 2020

While no ink will be spared discussing the commercials in Super Bowl LIV, there’s still a ton to learn about the strategies behind the ads’ success on brand marketing’s biggest night. Every year—and 2020 is no different—marketers dig deep into their playbooks, while also innovating, to devise what they hope will be a winning game […]

Three Things I Wish I Had Thought About As a Client

by James Coyle| January 27, 2020

Last summer I re-joined agency life after several years working client-side, including a four-year stint at Samsung Electronics (a Ketchum client). I’ve spent the first few months of my new role getting under the skin of the agency—the people, the clients, the work we’re being asked to do and how we go about doing it. It has been quite a ride—exciting, challenging and full […]

Coronavirus & Health Pandemic Preparation: Identifying Opportunities for Health Providers to Protect, Reassure and Lead

by Luke Dickinson| January 23, 2020

Global health leaders are on alert in early 2020 as infections from a new coronavirus, originating in Wuhan, China, increase. This new global health concern brings back memories of the 2014 Ebola Virus outbreak, which originated in West Africa. In the United States, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has implemented screening at several international airports and are taking proactive steps following the first confirmed patient case in […]

What Companies Should Know (and Do) About Stakeholders’ Data Distrust

by Barri Rafferty| January 23, 2020

With the world’s eyes on Davos, it’s a bit ironic that privacy is such a key topic. But with so many tech leaders in attendance—along with the politicians seeking to regulate their companies—it’s a natural place for a discussion about how the data of billions is being used. Privacy “cannot be a luxury good,” said Google CEO Sundar Pichai here yesterday, echoing sentiments expressed by Internet users across the […]

Food for 2030: Creating the Change We Want in the Decade Ahead

by Kim Essex| January 21, 2020

Most New Year predictions cover the 12 months ahead, but not Nick Fereday’s end–of–year “Talking Points.” Nick is a Senior Analyst at Rabobank, and he’s pretty funny. His New Year’s predictions stretch all the way to 2030.  Rabobank hosts and he attends many food and agriculture meetings around the globe, so I value his perspective. Here are a couple of ideas that struck me:  1. People migrate […]

Stakeholders, Climate, Health and More: Key Topics at Davos 2020

by Barri Rafferty| January 20, 2020

As more than 30 heads of state and nearly 120 billionaires descend on Davos, Switzerland, for the World Economic Forum’s 50th Annual Meeting, the schedule is shaping up with some predictable themes and some that are newer to this Alpine landscape. As I return for my seventh Davos experience, I’m eager to participate in discussions about […]