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The Great ‘Latinx’ Debate

by Annayelli Flores| November 25, 2020

Like most people in quarantine, I have spent a lot of time on the internet lately – especially on Twitter, where keeping a pulse on everyday hot takes and trends like ‘No Nuance November’ has been keeping me illuminated on the array of opinions out there. Most recently, a few threads around the term Latinx […]

The Role of Responsible Marketing as Business Travel Begins to Revive

by Amanda Gadaleta and Bettina Garibaldi| November 12, 2020

Packing and unpacking your favorite carry-on. The distinct sensation of checking into your flight the night before takeoff (or, in some cases, on the ride there). Extending your stay to explore a city or meet with friends who happen to live near your conference venue. This was the life of many who, pre-pandemic, spent a […]

Being a Working Mom was Hard Enough—Then 2020 Happened

by Laura Hargrove| November 11, 2020

As a proud working mother of a four-year-old daughter and two-year-old son, I’ve found that achieving the mythical work-life balance is impossible. Every day contains a complex mix of both, with the scales tipping back and forth in each direction. As someone who loves order, it’s taken me several years to fully accept this as […]

LGBTQ, Intersectionality and Brands: A Conversation with Rich Ferraro of GLAAD

by Lindsay Wagner| November 2, 2020

Recently, Ketchum colleagues had the privilege of hearing from Rich Ferraro, the chief communications officer of GLAAD—an organization that works through entertainment, news, digital media and with brands to share stories from the LGBTQ+ community that accelerate acceptance. I was inspired by the work he and his colleagues are doing, their strategic approach, the successes […]