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Influencer Marketing Trends for 2019

by Isabel Berger Margot Saunders and Ariella Broitman | February 20, 2019

Influencer marketing experienced a meteoric rise in 2018. A national study found that 70 percent of consumers prefer non-celebrity endorsements…

Wakanda Forever: A Sea Change in Representation at the Oscars

by Jocelyn Jackson | February 14, 2019

Sea change. /ˈsē ˌCHānj/ Noun. a marked change or a transformation. Originally, the phrase was used to describe “a change brought about by sea.” Both definitions aptly define what we are seeing the beginnings of in our society. Particularly with regard to representation across industries. In the film industry, for example, each New Year brings […]

Happy (Real) Birthday, Ketchum

by Rob Flaherty | February 13, 2019

Six years ago our agency celebrated our 90th birthday in a big way, including 90 pro bono brainstorm sessions for 90 non-profit organizations all over the world. The occasion dated our origins back to 1923, but that date — long the official date of our founding — obscured one inconvenient fact that is worth noting.

Making Waves on Radio Row

by Tommy Ringhofer James Talamo and Kevin Alonzo | February 12, 2019

Government shutdown. Polar Vortex. Nothing was going to keep us away from Super Bowl’s “Radio Row.” Broadcasting from Los Angeles to Boston and even Australia, it’s the perennial place to be for the top voices and athletes in the country leading into Super Bowl. Radio Row continues to deliver some of the best content from […]

Dialogue, Collaboration and Relationships – Key Takeaways from the World Economic Forum

by Barri Rafferty | February 11, 2019

For the last several years, I have asked our clients and Omnicom colleagues to share their thoughts on why the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland, matters to them, and what their biggest goals are for attending. We supported a number of important clients on the ground this year, so I asked a […]

Fostering Fluidity at Work

by Hilary McKean | February 8, 2019

I recently learned in a new business pitch that more and more GenZennials define themselves as gender fluid. That’s almost half of the next generation who will be entering the work force. Imagine how different our workplace will be in the decade ahead as a result. Last year, my child, Alice, aka Kyle, came forward […]

A Tribute to Jerry Voros

by David Drobis | February 6, 2019

Jerry Voros passed away this week in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where he had lived for more than 50 years. To both commemorate and celebrate his life, here’s a look back at the tremendous impact Jerry had on me, Ketchum, and the world of Public Relations.