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Communicators of the Future: Order-Takers Need Not Apply

by Barri Rafferty| March 4, 2020

Communications is changing at an unprecedented pace as attention spans shrink, channels expand, technology evolves, and data has become big.…

Embracing the Uncomfortable: A Personal View on Anti-Racism

by Greg Dauphin| June 4, 2020

I am not comfortable writing this post. However, as a member of the black community, unpacking this discomfort is the reason I am writing. Because these are uncomfortable times. And if I’m not willing to be uncomfortable—if we all are shying away from uncomfortable topics—then how can we do the work to bring about meaningful […]

It’s Time to Educate Ourselves: An Anti-Racism Resource Guide

by Barri Rafferty| June 4, 2020

The recent events remind us that as racism and intolerance continue to plague our world, it is incumbent upon all of us to condemn acts of hatred and violence toward marginalized communities—now. We know this is an incredibly painful time for the black and brown communities, including members of our Ketchum family. In the past […]

COVID-19 Supply Chain Issues Make Consumer Communications a B2B Priority

by Melissa Kinch| May 28, 2020

What ingredients go into the food we eat? What materials are in a beauty product? What software tools help a brand interact online, and what environmental impact does a given material have? For any B2B brand that provides the individual elements behind a consumer facing product, the need for transparency with consumers has been growing […]

Travel Reporters Prepare for a Strong Comeback

by Bettina Garibaldi| May 27, 2020

Many tourism and hospitality leaders are wondering whether pushing travel right now is the right thing to do, and they’re unsure how it’ll resonate with media. Trust me, it’s a thought that runs through my head constantly as a communications professional. Journalists are under extreme pressure to deliver quality reporting in an already oversaturated market, […]

The Time of Our Lives: Adjusting Our Habits in a WFH World

by Rob Levy| May 22, 2020

As many of us enter Month Three of our collective lockdown, now is a great moment to reflect on some of the habits we’ve made—or remade—along the way. While we may have started this process under the impression that the change would be temporary, it’s clear that some degree of working from home is the […]

How to Prep Executives for Presenting from Anywhere

by Bill Zucker| May 20, 2020

Watching this month’s high-profile U.S. Senate hearing on reopening the country, communications pros could not help playing armchair coach. Even as important topics such as the balance between economic recovery and disease prevention played out, we were compelled to ask things such as, “Why isn’t the FDA commissioner looking at the camera?” or, “What is […]