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Creative Collaboration at Cannes: 5 Hacks for Workplace by Facebook

by Liz O'Connor | June 18, 2018

Creative problem-solving and idea generation are key CEO priorities these days – a critical capability to keep pace with changing…

3 Reasons Why You Should Act Now on Voice Marketing

by Debra Forman and Tristen Sechi | June 18, 2018

As of January 2018, almost 20 percent of adults in the U.S. own a smart speaker. That’s a staggering statistic when you consider that adoption is expected to grow by nearly 50 percent before the end of the year! That means we may soon talk to an AI assistant more frequently than our own family […]

Cannes, Man and the Machine

by Karen Strauss | June 15, 2018

How prophetic that the debut of Marcel, the AI platform Publicis says will transform its business, is scheduled at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity at virtually the same time I will be speaking about a campaign to change the human behaviors that caused the opioid crisis.

Seeking Moments of Balance in an Unbalanced World

by Mindy Rubinstein | June 14, 2018

Next Thursday, June 21, depending on where you live, is either the longest or the shortest day of the year. The solstice marks a change in season and, in the northern hemisphere, it’s a time when there’s an illusion of more hours in each day – leading to hope of a life in perfect balance. […]

How AI is Already Impacting Communications

by Stephen Waddington | June 12, 2018

I spoke at a PRCA Fellows’ Debate in London today about how AI is likely to impact the future of communications. My message was that it already is. AI has become a catch all term to describe technology that engages with people or displays human characteristics. This is unhelpful and is contributing to hype and […]

Feet to Stores & Fingers to Clicks: Making Sense of the Modern Retail Experience

by James Peters | June 7, 2018

Is brick and mortar retail faltering or booming? If you’re following media trends and analyst predictions, it’s hard to know if retail is on its last legs or in the midst of an economic renaissance. The fact is, both statements are true.

Social Amplification Alert: 5 Hot-button Paid Social Media Trends

by Rachel Winer | June 5, 2018

As we strategize and implement ways to best navigate the recent Facebook algorithm changes, and the myriad of other social platform updates, and audience persona-label shifts, these 5 hot-button paid social trends have bubbled to the surface when ensuring future success for our digital clients.