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Web Summit 2019: Five Key Takeaways from our Pop-up Agency in Lisbon

by Gesine Maerten| November 15, 2019

Nine days, eight creative minds, one experiment. Last week our colleagues from Germany set up camp with a pop-up agency…

Food for 2030: Creating the Change We Want in the Decade Ahead

by Kim Essex| January 21, 2020

Most New Year predictions cover the 12 months ahead, but not Nick Fereday’s end–of–year “Talking Points.” Nick is a Senior Analyst at Rabobank, and he’s pretty funny. His New Year’s predictions stretch all the way to 2030.  Rabobank hosts and he attends many food and agriculture meetings around the globe, so I value his perspective. Here are a couple of ideas that struck me:  1. People migrate […]

Stakeholders, Climate, Health and More: Key Topics at Davos 2020

by Barri Rafferty| January 20, 2020

As more than 30 heads of state and nearly 120 billionaires descend on Davos, Switzerland, for the World Economic Forum’s 50th Annual Meeting, the schedule is shaping up with some predictable themes and some that are newer to this Alpine landscape. As I return for my seventh Davos experience, I’m eager to participate in discussions about […]

NRF Highlights: Retailers are Focusing on Employees and Purpose…Are You?

by James Peters| January 17, 2020

The 2020 NRF: Retail’s Big Show was wall-to-wall technology. From a spill-seeking robot that patrols grocery store aisles to vision-recognition systems for self-checkout, it’s clear artificial intelligence and other technologies are enabling retailers to streamline operations and improve customer experience.   But looking past the headline-grabbing tech, one of the biggest trends during the three-day […]

Don’t Take the Day Off to Honor Martin Luther King, Jr.: Take It On

by Jocelyn Jackson| January 16, 2020

Many employees across the U.S. eagerly look forward to Martin Luther King Jr. (MLK) Day. Is that because of the day’s rich meaning, history and purpose? Sometimes. But sometimes, it’s because it’s the first federal holiday of the calendar year, and, for companies (like Ketchum) that give employees the day off, it feels like a welcome reprieve from the hustle and bustle of returning to work after the haze of […]

How Being a Summer Fellow Kick-started My Communications Career

by Riis Massey-Williams| January 14, 2020

It’s that time of year: Internship Season. From obsessing over likes on your Instagram to patrolling LinkedIn for new Internship postings, congrats—you’re officially becoming an adult! You’ve written your thesis paper, done your SWOT analyses and had your advisors review your resume. Now it’s time to decide: What company is the right fit for you?  I found myself in a similar situation my senior year. Luckily, whilst […]

Making 2020 the Year of Evidence-Based Communications

by Con Franklin| January 13, 2020

“We’ve gone from hardly any data to way too much,” the director of a global health advocacy organization told me over a recent coffee. I understand the sentiment. Twenty years ago, we typically based health PR and medical communications work on a heavy dose of hypothesis. We’d determine that an unmet need for information about a disease existed, and then attempt […]