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Reflections on Retirement After 32 years - photo of Rob Flaherty

Reflections on Retirement After 32 Years

by Rob Flaherty| May 13, 2021

Gratitude, amazement, pride and excitement — these are the feelings I have as I announce my retirement after nearly 32 years at Ketchum and a career that spans more than 40 years. My last day of regular work is June 15. As that day approaches, I’m feeling a mix of emotions. Gratitude I cannot overstate […]

Marketing to moms

How Marketers Can Win Moms’ Hearts

by Lauren Sugarman| May 6, 2021

Since Similac’s “Sisterhood of Motherhood” ad back in 2015 shined a satirical spotlight on marketing to moms, countless brands have called for an end to the mommy wars, telling us women to stop fighting and start getting along. Well, for the past year-plus, the pandemic has waged a war on moms, and most brands haven’t […]