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Election Underlines UK’s 24/7 Obsession with Healthcare

by Alice Cannell| June 3, 2015

Although no pollster or commentator seemed to see the 2015 election result coming, it’s clear that the UK’s obsession with healthcare and the NHS played a significant role in shaping the political debates. So given healthcare’s primacy in current affairs, is it time to re-evaluate the way we talk about health? Ed Miliband fired the […]

‘Feel the Fear’ – Authentic Leadership in Times of Change

by Paul Teuton| June 3, 2015

The UK election highlighted that being seen as an effective leader is a key factor for success. The search is now on for opposition parties to elect new leaders to change their parties’ fortunes. Over the past three years, there has been a decline in people’s view of leaders. In 2014, just 22% of respondents […]