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Using Double Eleven to Pave Your Way for Christmas and Chinese New Year

by Eunice Wong| November 15, 2018

Double 11 (or Singles Day) has evolved from a China-only event to a globally influential shopping festival, turning November from a traditionally low season for retail to a magnetic month of sales. Now that the day itself has passed, it is time for marketers to look beyond the price war to leverage this huge volume […]

5 Things I Learned At Web Summit 2018

by Chris Smith| November 12, 2018

Nearly 70,000 people poured into Lisbon this year to attend #WebSummit2018, setting a new record. An action packed three days, with countless talks, debates and keynote speeches across a dozen stages meant that there was an incredible amount to listen and learn from, including insights from our own CEO, Barri Rafferty (pictured below). Here are […]

Measurement Success in 2019: Look Beyond the Basics

by Paula Garcia Mosquera| November 9, 2018

It’s November, which, for analytics professionals, means is the International Association for the Measurement and Evaluation of Communications’ (AMEC) Measurement Month—a great initiative highlighting the critical role of measurement in communications, and an excellent opportunity for me to personally reflect on how measurement has had an impact on my career.

The Post-Midterm Election Political Landscape: What Communicators Need to Know

by Caryn Benisch| November 8, 2018

The country and news cycle is focused on Tuesday’s midterm elections. The balance of power at both the state and federal level is shifting, leaving a host of new faces on Capitol Hill and in legislatures nationwide. These new influencers, regulators and policymakers need to be educated by organizations about their key issues. Communicators play […]

Youth Marketing Summit: Gen Z Carries the Torch Lit by Millennials

by Lauren Hasse| November 7, 2018

I love Millennials. That may be expected as I am both a Millennial myself, and a Millennial subject matter expert who spends a lot of her time reading about the latest industries Millennials have killed (American cheese, you’re on notice). I continue to be surprised by my generation’s ability to influence trends that have touched […]