Hatred Has No Home Here.

The recent protests and riots occurring across the U.S. reflect a critical and systemic issue. The unjustified deaths and mistreatment of black people have been ignored for too long.

We have a responsibility as a company, as an employer, as counselors of clients, and as human beings to condemn acts of hatred and violence toward marginalized communities and to make change happen. See CEO Barri Rafferty’s statement on the actions Ketchum is taking to be engaged allies for our black and brown communities and fight injustice.

COVID-19: Getting Ready for a New Normal

Listen to Ketchum global experts host an informative panel discussion based on our experience providing data intelligence and coronavirus counsel to clients in Asia, Europe and the U.S. Learn more about the four stages of the Disruption Cycle: Impact, Regroup, Rebound, The New Normal.

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Barri Rafferty

A Statement
from Our CEO

Understand Ketchum’s commitment to our clients and our people in these uncertain times.

Read thoughts on COVID-19 from Barri Rafferty.

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Barri Rafferty

President & CEO

Direct message me on Twitter: @barrirafferty