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DE&I is not one person’s job – it is incumbent on all of us to take ownership and advocate for diversity, equity and inclusion at all levels by first prioritizing people, because it’s good for them and it’s good for business. This is how Lindsay Wagner, Ketchum’s new head of DE&I, North America, is approaching her role. Read the announcement.

Work-Shift-2020: How Crisis Culture Is Changing the Priorities of the American Workforce

63% of Americans

say COVID-19 has caused them to dramatically reevaluate their professional priorities. Personal health, workplace safety and company values can matter more than salary and career advancement. A recent study by Ketchum’s Employee Communications & Engagement specialty shows why companies should embrace reinventing the future workplace. Explore the data and learn more about our services.

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During COVID, Awards Illustrate the True Rewards of Community

These have been strange times for everyone—and especially for regional leaders of geography-based offices. The hallway banter and kitchen catchups…

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