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23 and (Much More Than) Me

by Mike Doyle| October 23, 2018

I walked into Ketchum on my first day of work on October 23, 1995. Twenty-three years ago today. I had hair, and it was brown. My student loans loomed, and my wardrobe was more Chandler Bing than Don Draper. But damn, I felt lucky – not just to have a job, but to be welcomed into […]

NBA Tips Off Atop U.S. Sports Landscape

by Shawn McBride| October 16, 2018

The 2018-19 NBA season tips off today with no shortage of excitement and enthusiasm – from both fans and marketers. Beyond the buzz about Lebron in LA, interest regarding whether the Warriors can continue their dominance, intrigue around the Sixers taking the next step, and curiosity about who will emerge as the next group of […]

On International Day of the Girl, Let’s Celebrate by Sharing Our Wisdom: 13 Tips from Senior Female Leaders

by Mindy Rubinstein| October 11, 2018

Today is International Day of the Girl, a day that calls on the global community to rethink how to prepare young women for a successful transition into the world of work. It reminds me how fortunate I am to work at Ketchum where both my male and female colleagues are committed to helping young women […]

Always bet on the culture.

by Tony Balasandiran| October 9, 2018

When Nike introduced Colin Kaepernick as the face of its 30th Anniversary “Just Do It” Campaign in September, it was more than an announcement – it was an action. With the brand not only acknowledging an important ongoing issue and conversation, but taking a stand by providing a platform for some of the most vocal […]

Wall Street Journal Food Forum: Abundance Generates Abundant Challenges

by Linda Eatherton| October 3, 2018

For nearly a decade the food industry has been reeling from the tsunami of change that washed over the sector. Caught off guard, titans of established multi-national businesses found themselves at a loss for ways to dig out and survive. I attended the Wall Street Journal Food Forum last week, and can tell you the […]