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earth day 2019 - sustainability marketing

Earth Day 2019: Will this year mark a tipping point for sustainability?

by Jessica Mendelowitz| April 22, 2019

Over the past few years, there’s been debate over the progress we’re making to achieve critical sustainability goals. Is progress happening? (Yes.) Is it happening fast enough? (No.) So why, on this Earth Day, after we’ve been witness to so many starts and stops (Paris Climate Agreement vs. U.S. withdrawal), does 2019 feel different for […]

Nipsey Hussle

The Marathon Continues & Tha Hussle Don’t Stop

by Tony Balasandiran| April 19, 2019

Media worldwide has been consistently covering the death of a cultural icon, Nipsey Hussle. Knowing Nipsey’s work and mission very well, I’ve been surprised to learn that many of my colleagues don’t fully grasp his impact, and what it means for all of us who connect people every day. The story of Nipsey Hussle is […]

Transportation Trends

Show and Tell: Revelations Aplenty from the New York International Auto Show

by Kevin Oates| April 17, 2019

Spring has officially arrived when it’s time for the New York International Auto Show. I’m part of a Ketchum team on the ground here at the Jacob Javits Convention Center, supporting clients and seeking insights on what’s happening in our industry. The show has evolved dramatically since it launched as North America’s first automotive exhibition […]

webcam presentation tips

Get Ready for Your Close-Up: Looking Your Best on Webcam

by Thomas Barritt| April 16, 2019

The ubiquitous webcam is now a key tool for communicating with colleagues, clients and customers. But, do we truly understand its power? Whether it’s as a presenter on a webinar or in a one-on-one Skype conversation, a strong webcam presence can build engagement and strengthen important relationships. But, too often, our use of the webcam […]

Will Tiger’s Taming of Augusta Tee Up New Era for Golf?

Will Tiger’s Taming of Augusta Tee Up New Era for Golf?

by Shawn McBride| April 15, 2019

For all the success in recent years by Dustin, Justin, Jordan and Rory, nothing generates more buzz – and a bigger bump to the sport – than when Tiger Woods is big-game hunting a major golf championship. And, this past weekend, not only was Tiger on the prowl but he claimed his prey, adding another […]

de&i panel

Equality vs. Equity: Do we understand the difference between the two?

by Lauren Strayhorn| April 10, 2019

Defined by Merriam-Webster, equity is justice according to natural law or right, specifically freedom from bias or favoritism, while equality is the quality or state of being equal. Diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) is becoming core to many aspects of everyday life – from implementation into workplace practices to incorporation into decision-making for brand launches […]