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Annayelli Flores is a senior account executive on the Ketchum Influencer Marketing team who focuses on Gen Z, millennial, and multicultural audiences. During her time at Ketchum, Annayelli has served as an event lead for millennial-focused activations, Hispanic media specialist, associate planner assisting strategy teams interested in targeting Gen Z and multicultural audiences. Working across a wide range of clients that includes Huggies, Café Bustelo, U by Kotex, Lucky Charms and Pernod Ricard, she has recently been tapping her passion for influencer strategy to develop partnerships that deliver maximum results. Annayelli is a first-generation Mexican American queer Latinx who grew up on the border in Brownsville, Texas.

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The Great ‘Latinx’ Debate

The Great ‘Latinx’ Debate

by Annayelli Flores | November 25, 2020

Like most people in quarantine, I have spent a lot of time on the internet lately – especially on Twitter, where keeping a pulse on everyday hot takes and trends like ‘No Nuance November’ has been keeping me illuminated on the array of opinions out there. Most recently, a few threads around the term Latinx […]