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Davos is Not Dead But It’s Finding Its New Self

Davos is Not Dead But It’s Finding Its New Self

by Aleksandra Barnes| May 27, 2022

Davos is a bit like marmite: synonymous with wealth, prestige and power, many businesses whose success rests on free trade and the ability to forecast economic trends, see it as an annual pilgrimage for mega-concentrated networking. Others decry it as a talking shop, and a façade for the most privileged 1% to travel by jet, […]

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Honoring Bee Marks: Food Marketing and Nutrition Communications Trailblazer 

by Jaime Schwartz Cohen| May 18, 2022

May 18th would have been the 100th birthday of Bee Marks, a pioneer of the modern-day practice of food marketing and nutrition communications. If you don’t recognize her name, you are not alone.* A trailblazer whose impact was made before it was possible to leave a digital footprint, who didn’t seek the spotlight in an […]

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Gen Z in the Workforce: Key Takeaways for the Future from the Judges’ Table

by Beth Beasley| May 12, 2022

In the last few years, a pivotal shift has taken place in the working world: Gen Z has jumped into the workforce. That’s right. Gen Z is old now. Well, not “old” per se, but they’re no longer tweens and early teens. The eldest are a few years into their career and many are in […]

Apes, Beanie Babies and Communities – The ABCs of NFTs

Apes, Beanie Babies and Communities – The ABCs of NFTs

by Elyse Richter| March 21, 2022

Let’s take a journey back to the ‘90s for a minute: Britney Spears on your sticker-covered CD player, Dunkaroos in hand as you dangle a stretched out cord on the landline chatting with a friend— your favorite Beanie Baby perched proudly on the shelf. Pretty vivid, right? Except now that Peanut the Elephant, the Beanie […]

True Equity Means Accessibility for All

True Equity Means Accessibility for All

by Katy Thompson| August 5, 2021

Last week marked the Americans with Disabilities Act anniversary – a law signed 31 years ago as a result of a decades-long fight from the disability advocacy community that legally recognized for the first time the exclusion of people with disabilities as discrimination. To mark this historic date the FDR Memorial Legacy Committee held its […]