#QuarantineLife: Of Course You Can Wear Your Pyjamas

by James Coyle| April 10, 2020

A scene from #QuarantineLife: This morning, my three-year-old son found a pair of his old pyjamas and decided that he wanted to wear them all day. He absolutely did not want to put on his actual clothes, and I spent approximately 30 seconds trying to persuade him this wasn’t a great idea before promptly giving […]

What a Fan Wants: Survey Shows How We’re Getting Our Sports Fix During COVID-19

by Shawn McBride| April 9, 2020

Normally at this time of year, U.S. sports fans would be filled with hope related to their favorite MLB team’s prospects for the 2020 season, preparing for the start of the NBA and NHL playoffs and speculating about the rookies their football team will be selecting in the upcoming NFL Draft. But these aren’t normal […]

The Vital Need to Consider All Stakeholders in COVID-19 Communication 

by Rob Flaherty| April 6, 2020

For many years now, experienced CCOs and agency counselors have appreciated that issuing segmented and conflicting messages to different stakeholders doesn’t work anymore. Fueled by the transparency of social media, what you say to employees had better be consistent with what you say to Wall Street and your customers, and vice versa. Everyone sees everything. […]

To My Webcam, with Love: For the Sake of Our Relationship, Sometimes We Need to Be Apart

by Amanda Kowal Kenyon| April 3, 2020

There are few bigger webcam proponents than me. In a recent post, I discussed the importance of webcam-enabled virtual meetings and touch-bases in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, when they can be so much more engaging and do a better job replicating real-world presence than the phone. They feel more connected and human, which […]

Food for Thought: What Media Want You to Know About Food Reporting During COVID-19

by Jennifer Reinhard and Erica Saviano Tsioutas| April 2, 2020

Over the past few weeks, the COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped our lives along with the way the media tell their stories. For those media covering the dynamic food industry, their plates have literally and figuratively changed—from how they’re covering the U.S. food supply to giving their readers ideas for home cooking. This also means PR […]

Be Human, Be Humble, Be Helpful: Earnings Communications in the Time of COVID-19

by Scott Schneider| April 1, 2020

Over the last few weeks, every day has been unprecedented. Last week’s unprecedented jobless claims numbers followed weeks of unprecedented stock market volatility, which followed unprecedented news about an unprecedented global pandemic. As March and the first quarter of 2020 end, companies are putting together their strategies for reporting financial results in the middle of […]