Woman holding phone in one hand and grasping her hair with other hand appears stressed looking at grocery store shelves

2022 Inflation: How It Affects Businesses, Politics and Regulations

by Alec Varsamis| May 19, 2022

Inflation is making its mark on Americans. And it’s not a pretty picture. The Consumer Price Index (CPI) remained near 40-year highs in April, hitting an annual increase of 8.3% while inflation adjusted earnings for workers decreased 2.3% year over year. Looking only at food prices, this category rose 9.4% annually, second only to energy […]

Young people holding signs about climate and nature

Gen Z in the Workforce: Key Takeaways for the Future from the Judges’ Table

by Beth Beasley| May 12, 2022

In the last few years, a pivotal shift has taken place in the working world: Gen Z has jumped into the workforce. That’s right. Gen Z is old now. Well, not “old” per se, but they’re no longer tweens and early teens. The eldest are a few years into their career and many are in […]

Person creates TikTok video participating in the popular Bottle Flip Challenge.

Earned Media Tactics: 5 Ways Brands Can “Pop” in Pop Culture Media Moments

by Irene Rogers and Erica Saviano Tsioutas| April 20, 2022

As we scroll through our social media feeds and flip through TV channels, brands are popping up in pop culture moments. Whether it’s big events like the Super Bowl and the Academy Awards or small ones like what’s trending on Netflix and the latest TikTok trend, when brands are involved in these cultural conversations, PR […]

Ketchum team members at SXSW Future of Food Conference

Our Take: SXSW Food Industry Trends

by Jillian Semaan and Amelia Keleher| April 8, 2022

History of SXSW 2022 SXSW began in the 80’s as a local music festival in Austin and transcended into what many of us know today as one of the greatest connectors. It brings together everyone from creatives and celebrities, to start-ups, government officials, industry experts and activists – many of whom are working to build […]

Apes, Beanie Babies and Communities – The ABCs of NFTs

Apes, Beanie Babies and Communities – The ABCs of NFTs

by Elyse Richter| March 21, 2022

Let’s take a journey back to the ‘90s for a minute: Britney Spears on your sticker-covered CD player, Dunkaroos in hand as you dangle a stretched out cord on the landline chatting with a friend— your favorite Beanie Baby perched proudly on the shelf. Pretty vivid, right? Except now that Peanut the Elephant, the Beanie […]

7 Media Landscape Trends to Watch Now

7 Media Landscape Trends to Watch Now

by Ketchum| March 2, 2022

The start of 2022 brought uncertainty as we navigated the Omicron variant and once again needed to take a nimble and quickly evolving approach with media, including at key events such as CES. Now as restrictions once again relax across the US, brands are having to assess the best avenues to engage journalists to ensure […]