Woman holding phone in one hand and grasping her hair with other hand appears stressed looking at grocery store shelves

2022 Inflation: How It Affects Businesses, Politics and Regulations

by Alec Varsamis| May 19, 2022

Inflation is making its mark on Americans. And it’s not a pretty picture. The Consumer Price Index (CPI) remained near 40-year highs in April, hitting an annual increase of 8.3% while inflation adjusted earnings for workers decreased 2.3% year over year. Looking only at food prices, this category rose 9.4% annually, second only to energy […]

Marketing Influencer Strategy

Seven Things I Learned at NRF 2022

by Abby Lovett| January 19, 2022

I picked my eight-year-old daughter up from a playdate the evening before I departed for NRF 2022, “Retail’s Big Show.” As they were parting ways, my kiddo and her friend exchanged avatar information. When I asked her buddy why she had decided to go with an avatar that is a mustachioed man in a Hawaiian […]

Natural Disasters Are Evolving. Your Retail Crisis Management Plan Should Too

Natural Disasters Are Evolving. Your Retail Crisis Management Plan Should Too

by Andrew Moesel| August 12, 2021

Once-in-a-generation hurricanes seem to happen every year. Seattle is sweltering with heat and earlier this year Texas was freezing with cold. Normally dry parts of Europe are soaked from dangerous floods. The planet is simply playing by different rules than it was even a decade ago—climate change is increasing the number and severity of natural […]

Retail and Health Merge as Consumers Seek a One-Stop Shop

Retail and Health Merge as Consumers Seek a One-Stop Shop

by Kathleen Linder and Clark Hare| July 29, 2021

The intersection of retail and health is booming, as the COVID-19 pandemic has sparked a clear demand for retailers to serve as one-stop-shops for essentials including food, household supplies and health needs. The Philips (client) Future Health Index 2021 Report surveyed nearly 3,000 healthcare leaders across 14 countries and found that healthcare leaders expect an average […]

Retail Influencers and the Power of Personalization - two young women playfully posing with a clothes rack

Retail Influencers and the Power of Personalization  

by Kelsey McGovern| June 10, 2021

Clothing stores curate “we think you’ll love” product recommendations. Retail apps offer personalized greetings. Beauty retailers introduce individualized skincare regimens based on preferences. Customers have grown to expect and desire personalized experiences from their favorite retail brands. Guess what? The same holds true for influencers. Interested in how you can transform an interaction with an influencer […]

Summer Sales Events- The Big Picture for Retailers - photo of woman's hands on laptop viewing an online sale surrounded by summery objects

Summer Sales Events: The Big Picture for Retailers

by Clark Hare| June 7, 2021

Ah the rites of summer in America: the first sign of glowing fireflies; the enticing aroma of your neighbor grilling steaks; that first, glorious beach trip of the season — and now, the summer sales event. Since entering the picture in 2015, this new warm-weather ritual has significantly altered the U.S. retail landscape. Changing the […]