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Alicia Solanki is the Managing Director of Client Experience in Ketchum’s London office. Alicia is a ‘corpsumer’ consultant having worked across corporate comms and brand marketing for clients including Samsung. In her current role, she is responsible for ensuring that clients get the best Ketchum experience no matter their touchpoint with the agency, driving operational efficiencies but also innovation to stay at the cutting edge of communications.

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Strong-Roots-Can-Produce-Beautiful-Leaves - photo of family members enjoying a meal at a kitchen table

Strong Roots Can Produce Beautiful Leaves

by Alicia Solanki | June 29, 2021

It’s funny how in our industry today, the word on everyone’s lips is “culture.” Having grown up in a multi-generational, moderately religious, bustling Indian household in the Midlands, culture was no stranger in our household. I was always surrounded by colours, smells, textures and stories which were heavily influenced by the vibrancy and mythological origins […]