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Managing the Impact of Facebook’s Newsfeed Changes

by Stephen Waddington| January 17, 2018

Facebook announced important changes to its newsfeed algorithm last week. The changes prioritize consumer engagement on the platform and have important implications for brand marketing and public relations. Our digital strategists from around the world have decoded the changes. Here’s where we’ve landed…

How Brands Can Learn from Mobile Gaming

by Brandon Schuster| January 16, 2018

If your Christmas dinners and New Years Eve parties were anything like mine, then you probably stopped what you were doing, gathered your friends and family of all generations together, and heard comedian Scott Rogowsky’s voice echo off of everyone’s phone speaker as he cracked a few jokes and dished-out 12 questions for a chance […]

Flexing Your Earned Influencer Muscle

by Melissa Kinch| January 10, 2018

Influencer. Has any word caused more excitement, agency land grabs or demand from CMOs in recent memory? Influencer marketing – currently understood as engaging online personalities on behalf of products and brands to create content that can be shared, explored and consumed – is all the rage.  It seems like every advertising, digital, public relations […]