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The Year of Purpose: Stepping Up and Out

by Monica Marshall| January 30, 2018

WITH THE NEW TAX PLAN IN FULL FORCE, WILL THE PRIVATE SECTOR CONTINUE TO PASS THE TEST? In December 2016 I wrote an opinion piece called “Will the Private Sector Pass the Test?” which hypothesized that despite – or perhaps due to – the fact that the newly elected U.S. leadership planned to reduce regulation […]

Development: Doing it Right

by Alex Malczewski| January 18, 2018

In a recent lecture we were asked to define “development.” Many definitions and buzzwords were thrown around – learning, training, application, focus. But the lecturer turned around and said just two words that sum it all up: Development is change and growth.

What an African Safari Can Teach You About Client Service

by Barri Rafferty| January 10, 2018

I began the year thinking a lot about client service, but little did I know that a safari in Tanzania would further reinforce and expand upon those beliefs. I can’t say that I’ve ever taken a trip, personal or professional, that has made me reflect on what turns out to be innumerable parallels between providing […]

What’s Trending in Social Media for 2018?

by Stephen Waddington| January 9, 2018

Staying ahead of innovation in digital and social media provides a competitive advantage for Ketchum and its clients. We’re constantly on the lookout for new ways to engage with publics. I’ve tapped our digital hive mind to discover the issues that our strategists around the world are thinking about in 2018. If you’d like to […]