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Why Twitter is Trialing 280 Character Tweets

by Stephen Waddington and Jeremie Aubert| September 27, 2017

User behaviour, customer service and social insight, are all reasons that Twitter is trialling longer tweets. Twitter has a problem. It hasn’t seen significant user growth since 2014. User data for Q2 2017 was flat over the previous quarter at 328 million. The platform needs to increase users in order to increase revenue from advertising. […]

Going Native: Where The Clicks Don’t Matter, But Real Measurement Does

by Chris Erickson| September 14, 2017

It is no secret that modern audiences are continuing to accelerate away from traditional outlets and toward web-based content. This ongoing evolution has forced brands to change the way in which they tell their stories, as well as continuously adjusting the platform they are attempting to engage with their target audience on. One answer to […]

Reporting 2.0: A Recalibration of Digital Measurement

by Jarrad Blyth| September 6, 2017

Social and digital media is revelatory, giving us a platform to change the world and engage audiences across the globe. We can inspire, educate and entertain, while also having the unprecedented ability to measure, track, report, slice, dice, pivot and visualize all of the data in real-time. With this wealth of information at our fingertips, […]