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What this Year’s SXSW Proved

by Ben Foster| March 29, 2012

SXSW has always been about meeting people and that’s why it still matters.  This year a few technologies looked to make a big splash at the conference by making that primary benefit easier to obtain.  These technologies combine the location awareness of your mobile phone with the interests you have on your social networks and […]

Three Fundamentals of Great Social Media Measurement

by Don Bartholomew| March 16, 2012

This post first appeared on: If you want to evaluate the robustness and effectiveness of your approach to social media measurement, ask yourself these three fundamental questions: Does the approach measure the ‘right’ things in order to show the business impact of the programs and initiatives? Will stakeholders of the report receive the data […]

Facebook Timeline for Facebook Pages

by Katherine Watier Ong| March 16, 2012

 What is Timeline for Facebook Pages? The new Timeline for Facebook Pages features will provide brands and organizations with the tools to tell a more authentic story. By creating the Timeline view for Pages, Facebook is not only instituting cosmetic changes to your current page, but also functional changes that will allow you to tell […]

SXSW: Journalists Explore Storytelling Beyond Words, What Does it Mean for PR Pros?

by Editor| March 13, 2012

When asked by friends and family to describe what it is I do for a living (a topic my colleague Brian Regan covered beautifully recently) I often result to explaining PR as the art of storytelling. We work to both tell the stories of our clients as well as to get others to tell them on our […]

LinkedIn: 10 Steps to Creating Buzz and Forging “Relationships That Matter”

by Rachel Racoosin| March 7, 2012

I’m willing to bet that you have your resume up on LinkedIn and believe that LinkedIn is the business version of Facebook. It’s time to break the mold on this thinking! LinkedIn is much more than a virtual career center; it is critical to building both your own personal brand and your company’s brand.As of […]