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Monique Rios is the marketing and communications coordinator on Ketchum’s Marketing and Corporate Communications team, based in New York. Monique joined Ketchum as a Corporate Communications graduate intern and graduated with a Master’s degree in Communication and Media in 2020. She now manages Ketchum’s global social media channels. She is a strategic content creator and storyteller who engages with the online community.

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Letting Go of Imposter Syndrome - abstract street art painting of faces

Letting Go of Impostor Syndrome 

by Monique Rios | June 2, 2021

Before I started my career at Ketchum, I often experienced the fear of failure and self-doubt that are associated with impostor syndrome. I had several jobs and internships where I felt inadequate. I remember constantly worrying whether I was actually qualified or just lucky. I’d find myself afraid that my managers, colleagues and even friends would […]