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Finding Your White Space in a World Full of Wellness Brands

by Christy Salcido and Nicole Moreo | July 11, 2019

The global wellness industry is, well, healthy as can be. According to the Global Wellness Institute, the sector is now worth $4.2 trillion thanks to heightened worldwide consumer interest that is equal parts emotional and physical, driven by our need to feel better about all aspects of life.

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There’s No Season, But There Is a Reason – The Year-round Wellness Economy

by Christy Salcido | August 29, 2018

With Labor Day weekend quickly approaching, it’s a chance for many of us to recharge and reset. It’s also the symbolic end of summer. While no one follows the age-old rule of “no wearing white after Labor Day” anymore, we do tend to think about our lives by the season. Up next is fall, and […]

I’m in a Wellness State of Mind

I’m in a Wellness State of Mind

by Christy Salcido | April 10, 2018

I just got back from Spring Break. No, I’m not a college student. Just a mom and brand marketer who took some vacation days during her tween daughter’s week off. Ambushing my daughter’s Spring Break is now an annual tradition where we can count on some quality “Mom & Me” time and I can get […]

Your New Year’s Resolution May Already Be History. And That’s OK.

Your New Year’s Resolution May Already Be History. And That’s OK.

by Christy Salcido | February 1, 2018

It’s February 1. If you’re like 80 percent of the population, any New Year’s resolution you made is probably buried at the back of the closet – along with your workout gear. Or if you’re like the 100-plus colleagues I recently polled, more than half of you didn’t even make a New Year’s resolution. That’s […]

Shifting from Survive to Thrive

Shifting from Survive to Thrive

by Christy Salcido | May 24, 2017

When asked the question: “What’s your title?” the natural response is to blurt out what’s in your email signature or printed on your business cards. Makes sense, right? For me, career has always been front and center in my life. And, I could probably recite every job title I’ve had since I first walked through […]