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As a leader in Ketchum’s Health Innovation practice, Bora is a strong believer that health is essential to the overall well-being of society, that healthcare is a basic right and that the equitable distribution of health services is our social responsibility. She works with healthcare companies and organizations to drive important health conversations around mental health, population health and healthcare system issues such as health equity and resilience. Her college entrance essay was also a story about her beloved grandmother.

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A New Definition of Resilience for Asian American Women - family photo of the author sitting at a park with her grandmother

A New Definition of Resilience for Asian American Women

by Bora Lee | May 24, 2021

My grandmother taught me a definition of resilience that’s familiar to many Asian American women. I was five years old and living in Korea. My father had moved to the U.S. to study, my mother had moved into the hospital with my sick brother, and I was being bullied as the new kid in my […]