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Story Juice: How Ideas Spread and Brands Grow

by Dale Bornstein| February 16, 2012

I’m a big believer in the power of storytelling, which is why I was excited to have the chance to write the foreward for the ebook, Story Juice: How Ideas Spread and Brands Grow. The book has been published by the Grapevine Group, a group we have been working with recently. Feel free to read […]

Five Reasons Why We Are Capable of Being Great Storytellers

by Kelley Skoloda| February 13, 2012

Advertisers have had the benefit of paid placement and guaranteed messaging for decades. Money could buy reach and frequency even if the ad did not change minds or inspire action. But now that media has splintered and consumers turn to online recommendations before buying, paid media is declining and marketers of all types have to […]

What is the Perfect Crisis Response Team?

by Jo-ann Robertson| February 10, 2012

I recently spoke at a conference co-hosted by Ketchum Pleon London and on “How Should Brands Prepare for a Social Media Crisis” (2 February 2012) alongside in-house communications specialists from HSBC, O2 (Telefonica) and eBay, and wanted to share a few highlights from my presentation on the perfect crisis response team. The first thing […]

A Look Inside the Beltway Media Ecosystem

by Matthew Simmons| February 9, 2012

Information is the coin of the realm in Washington, and the media habits of the city’s influencers reflect that demand for news, insight and gossip. Whether from traditional channels such as cable and broadcast news or newer outlets including Twitter and the blogosphere, influencers inside the Beltway generate, share and discuss information at home, at […]

Six Super Bowl Ad Themes and How They Apply to PR

by Lauren Sugarman| February 7, 2012

Needless to say that it wasn’t just the Giants and Pats who had a lot of skin in the Super Bowl. As marketers, we can appreciate the work that went into the various ads and the anticipation of seeing how they’ll perform – whether it be via The USA Today admeter, mentions in social media, […]

How to Add Google Plus Page Administrators

by Ryan Shell| February 2, 2012

When brand pages were introduced on Google Plus, adding page administrators was not an option. If you were logged in under your personal account and wanted to post something for X brand, you had to log out and login with X brands info. It wasn’t very convenient to say the least. But the good news […]