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Move from Storytelling to Authorship

by Tom Barritt| July 29, 2013

The word “storytelling” is all the rage in the communications world. We’ve abandoned the time-honored tradition of “messaging” and switched to swapping stories with each other. The notion is simple. The public has rejected artificial messaging. They crave authentic stories with descriptive language and personal anecdotes. This evolution makes sense for many reasons, but comes […]

From Mainstream Stories to Action: Are We at a Tipping Point for Women?

by Barri Rafferty| July 17, 2013

Earlier this month I was in Ketchum’s San Francisco office and led the fourth installment of our panel discussion series, “Real Women Fostering Women’s Leadership.” The discussion focused on, “From Mainstream Stories to Action: Are we at a tipping point for women?” I was joined by a group of very talented and accomplished women including […]

Three Important Tips for Starting an Internship

by Emilie Hayhoe| July 15, 2013

Starting an internship is a bit like working out for the first time. Your mind is determined to succeed but your body is not there yet – or in this case, your body is there but your mind is out of shape.

Welcome to the Imagetelling Age

by Valeria Perito| July 12, 2013

Right now, your eyes are scanning for relevant information that may enrich your repertoire. Preferably, in an enjoyable format that contains one or more highly illustrative pictures. Subconsciously, your brain might be saying: “I seek images that convince me to read that article until the end.” Is this the “imagetelling age”?

Five Writing Tips for the Web

by Ryan Shell| July 8, 2013

There’s no doubt about it, writing for the web is significantly different than if you were, for instance, to sit down and start writing a long-form digital document not meant for being published online. But that fact of the matter is, writing for the Web requires a (much) different approach. Here’s a classic example. If […]