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Drafting with Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe”

by Ryan Shell| August 24, 2012

There I was browsing Facebook, and with slight amazement, I saw it. I’m talking about yet ANOTHER parody video of Carly Rae Jepsen’s hit song “Call Me Maybe.” [WARNING: the song will be stuck in your head by the end of this post.] The video I saw on Facebook was created by a group of […]

Linkspotting: Links We Liked This Month

by Editor| August 23, 2012

Check out some of the most talked about and linked to stories on the Web this month and find out why members of our Social Media Group say you should take note.

What Ketchum Colleagues Saw on the Ground at the Olympics

by Jeff Lewonczyk| August 22, 2012

The Olympics may be over, but the buzz the Games created worldwide is still being felt. It was a remarkable event for media and communications: the first time the Olympics were broadcast via live streaming, the highest-ever TV ratings across a variety of categories, the world’s most heavily policed event for brands… the list of […]

Did Social Media Enhance or Spoil Olympic Coverage?

by Barri Rafferty| August 10, 2012

As a brand marketer, I have felt sympathetic to all the criticism via #NBCFail that the network is getting about delaying coverage to prime time. This year we can watch Olympics all day long on NBC, NBC Sports Network and MSNBC as well as view streams of live events on digital platforms. I found myself getting into archery on […]