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3 Guaranteed Techniques for Igniting a Rapport with Your Audience

by Tom Barritt| May 30, 2012

It is said that 75 percent of audience members check their Blackberry the minute a speaker steps to the podium. The other 25 percent are thinking about lunch. Is this true? I don’t have actual data to support the claim, but I’m sure it got your attention. I’m always astounded when a speaker begins a […]

The Power of Negativity

by Bill Delaney| May 16, 2012

If it bled, it led. I learned that early in my journalism career, producing a local morning show in New York. A heroic rescue of a cat in a tree by a Grandma with a bad left knee in a calico dress? Save it for the kicker, the back end of the show meant to […]

Pick Your Battles Wisely – an Arm Wrestle is Sometimes Better than Full-Scale Combat

by Alicia Mistry| May 11, 2012

If the PR world teaches us practitioners one thing, it’s learn to pick your battles. I appreciate, it is often far easier for us to counsel our clients to say something rather than say nothing – being thought-provoking makes people sit up and take notice after all. Being silent on the other hand can provoke […]

7 Things I Learned Being A Lady Who Lunches

by Barri Rafferty| May 4, 2012

I am a big believer in breakfast and lunch meetings and that face time results in stronger relationships and better business results.  This past week I had a number of important lunch meetings that reminded me of their power.  Here are a few takeaways 1. Pitching is everyone’s job. Even when you are as famous […]

5 Tips For Working With Talk Shows

by Erica Saviano Tsioutas| May 2, 2012

Working with the ever changing landscape of talk shows means that you have to constantly keep up with who’s in, who’s out and who’s new on the block. As this talk show season comes to an end, sadly, The Martha Stewart Show, The Nate Berkus Show and The Revolution will fold and newcomers The Chew […]