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PR Can Be the CMO’s Choice; We Just Need to Tell Them How

by Carlisle Campbell| February 25, 2013

There was good news and bad news for PR at a recent all-day session hosted by the Argyle Executive Forum. The event hosted Chief Marketing Officers from across a wide variety of industries, who shared best practices and innovative marketing strategies across topics ranging from digital marketing to how to create a human brand and […]

A Slight Case of Miscommunication

by Kim Adkins| February 20, 2013

“I think this is all a communication problem and a misunderstanding that can be resolved.” Byron Potts Last month, at a conference about designing effective meetings, I attended an engaging presentation entitled “Dissecting the Meeting Owner.” The facilitator, doing his best medical examiner impersonation, wheeled out the conference’s host on a slab, covered in a […]