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Barri Rafferty is Ketchum’s former CEO and current head of communications at Wells Fargo.

Creativity and Innovation in the Era of COVID-19

by Barri Rafferty and Tera Miller| March 27, 2020

The COVID-19 coronavirus upended daily routine as we know it. Businesses closed their doors to customers. And products we have not used in decades have become pantry staples. The impact of this shifting lifestyle is causing us to regroup and change the way we live. As businesses, we need continuity to stay economically relevant while […]

Communicators of the Future: Order-Takers Need Not Apply

by Barri Rafferty| March 4, 2020

Communications is changing at an unprecedented pace as attention spans shrink, channels expand, technology evolves, and data has become big. Micro-targeting, visual storytelling, influencer marketing, bots, optimization, algorithms, and AI are all now part of the communications mix. It used to be all about carefully crafted talking points and press releases, or mass-audience marketing campaigns […]