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Katherine Watier Ong works with clients to stay on top of the changing nature of search & social. She has 8 years of SEO and social experience, and is part of the 1 million visitors per month club after taking one of the websites she was promoting from 300K to 1.2 million in one month with an integrated 360 degree promotion program. She is VP, Online Strategy and Market Insights in Ketchum’s online strategy department, and helps manage a team that tracks the online consumer, online analytics, changing online platforms and algorithms, and develops strategies for clients to connect with their online consumer. Follow Katherine at @kwatier, Google+ or connect with her on LinkedIn.

Online Marketing in 2013

by Katherine Watier Ong| February 11, 2013

While our online experience as Americans began to be personalized in 2008, in this next year the level of personalization will not only be more prevalent, but even more personalized. As marketers we cannot assume that our old school tactics will sufficiently break through cutting edge personalization filters. As I heard Avinash Kaushik share with […]