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Suzanne Sinden is a Director with the Corporate & Public Affairs Practice at Ketchum Pleon London. Suzanne works with global brands to build and deliver programmes and campaigns aimed at strengthening and protecting their leadership positions and support key strategic and commercial objectives. She is one of Ketchum’s merry band of cycling commuters – a number of which are taking part in the September London Bikeathon to raise money for Leukemia & Lymphoma Research. If you would like to join the team, Suzanne would love to hear from you. Otherwise, please pledge your support by visiting

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Does Reputation Management Have a Reputation Problem?

Does Reputation Management Have a Reputation Problem?

by Suzanne Sinden| May 10, 2012

At a time when studies reveal trust and confidence in leadership to be in crisis  – and with Trust and Reputation so inextricably linked – many would be forgiven for thinking that we are entering the golden age of reputation management. And they would be absolutely right. Stakeholder perceptions of company behaviour are now proven […]