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Nataja, Senior Account Executive of Influencer Strategy, is focused on helping develop the agency’s influencer business. Coming from a Social Media Marketing background initially, Nataja understands the social landscape and how to work with both talent and brands to create compelling content. She’s been focused on influencer marketing specifically since 2014 and has seen the industry grow and evolve in to the marketing machine it is today. During that time, she’s worked with brands and talent across all verticals – developing various types of successful influencer campaigns while integrating various tiers of talent.

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VidCon 2019: Twitch, TikTok & the future of IGTV

by Nataja Lutkenhouse| July 25, 2019

What started in 2010 as small online video conference with 1,400 attendees has quickly turned in to a global phenomenon. VidCon US, VidCon Australia and VidCon London are now arguably the world’s largest event for fans, creators, brands, and executives to come together as a community and build on their passion for digital video content […]