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Lauren is a Project Manager with Ketchum Analytics in Chicago. In her two years at Ketchum she has created the Ketchum Analytics Millennial newsletter, highlighting the latest research regarding Millennial marketing as well as Millennial Mondays, a monthly discussion of the biggest trends driven by Millennials. She enjoys using research and data to help uncover actionable insights for clients and account teams across a variety of industries. Lauren has a background in journalism, having graduated from the University of Missouri Journalism School, with an emphasis in Strategic Communications (MIZ!).

Youth Marketing Summit: Gen Z Carries the Torch Lit by Millennials

by Lauren Hasse| November 7, 2018

I love Millennials. That may be expected as I am both a Millennial myself, and a Millennial subject matter expert who spends a lot of her time reading about the latest industries Millennials have killed (American cheese, you’re on notice). I continue to be surprised by my generation’s ability to influence trends that have touched […]