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Joe Becker is the SVP for Ketchum’s digital group and is the practice lead for interactive and client strategy. Joe’s focus is online thought leadership, brand voice articulation and driving business results through online endeavors. Furthermore, Joe oversees the strategic development of innovative digital and social media programs to tell stories, facilitate collaboration, and build communities for added value to both brands and audiences.

This Facebook Change has a Big Impact on Brands

by Joe Becker| December 20, 2013

What’s showing up in your Facebook newsfeed? Updates from your friends?Baby pictures? Someone met Chuck Norris at the mall? Chances are you’re seeing more and more branded content from businesses you don’t follow and promoted content from those that you do. You’re likely seeing dramatically less from the brands who aren’t promoting their content too. […]

Introducing: The Ketchum Digital Voice Machine

by Joe Becker and Gur Tsabar| April 24, 2013

What do you think about when someone says Red Bull?  … Extreme?  High-Energy?  A crazy person jumping to earth from beyond the stratosphere! Perhaps all of those things… So what’s really happening here?  The answer: a clear brand voice, one that is well defined and easy to connect with. Simple enough? Think about your favorite brand […]

SEC Arrives Late (or on time) to the Bountiful Social Banquet

by Joe Becker and Sasha Pierre| April 11, 2013

This Facebook post (By the CEO of Netflix) was the straw that broke the SEC’s back in realizing that social media was a fair and appropriate platform for sharing & disclosing investor news and information. The community and market (Netflix: $72.45 to $81.72 in 24 hours from this thread) reacted favorably to this Facebook post […]

Word of Mouth Marketing Association Conference 2010

by Joe Becker| June 22, 2010

A group report from Joe Becker along with Ben Foster, Ketchum Vice President and Digital Strategist, and Stephanie Miller, Ketchum Social Media Specialist. The 2010 Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA) School of WOM was recently held in Chicago, and the social media community has been buzzing about trends, key learnings and the most-talked-about tweets. […]