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Giannina is a VP, Director, Human Resources & DE&I, based in Ketchum’s New York office, who also oversees Ketchum’s DE&I Councils in the U.S.

Hispanic, Latino, Latin(x), Spanish: Clarifying Terms for Hispanic Heritage Month

by Giannina Seaman| September 18, 2020

Saludos! For many years I identified as Hispanic, and, as I got older and more informed, I navigated toward now identifying as Latina. My reasons for changing how I identify are part political—regarding the origins of how the term Hispanic came about—and part personal: I am from Latin America—specifically Peru—and found that calling myself Latina […]

What Comes After DE&I? An Uncomfortable Discussion About Improving the Workplace

by Giannina Seaman| July 16, 2020

Belonging is an important part of Ketchum’s DNA—our goal is to make sure that everyone who works here feels safe and supported. For years, we’ve encouraged this through frank, open dialogue in programs like our internal “Real Talk” series, which brings Ketchum employees together with external thought leaders to discuss important issues related to diversity, […]