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Blog posts published by the “Editor” are written by guest authors, and by employees of one of Ketchum’s affiliate partners around the world. The author’s information is listed at the top each post.

Q&A with Meg Morgan, CSR specialist

by Editor| December 12, 2013

Q: How can cause-related marketing help my brand? A: Because it’s not just for Christmas. As sure as Boxing Day follows Christmas Day, so guilt follows gorging. To help us counter concerns about excess, many brands forge links with charities. We’re probably more aware of it in the season of ‘goodwill,’ but cause-related marketing has […]

Home is where the guilt is not…

by Editor| December 12, 2013

UK shoppers are expected to spend £19bn on food and drink in this festive period, according to the IGD.  Four in ten intend to do more shopping around to find the best quality product.  And a trends report suggests they want quality without guilt. Food writer Kevin Gould tells Ketchum Bites that his advice to […]

Public Relations and the Democratization of Popular Culture

by Editor| September 30, 2013

Popularity can be a confounding measuring stick. Consider common catch-phrases used to describe things that are notable, talked-about and desirable: The top download on iTunes; The number-one movie in the country; A New York Times best seller; The most tweeted meme; The season’s hottest color; The most popular girl in school. Each suggests some level of […]

Perspectives: Cannes Lions 2013

by Editor| August 12, 2013

Creativity is one of the most (if not the most) important aspects of the communications industry, and at Ketchum, we strive to deliver break through, creative work for our clients every day. So it only makes sense that this year Ketchum would send a delegation of colleagues from around the world to both experience and […]

Proving Business Value of Social Media No Longer an Impossible Dream

by Editor| August 6, 2013

This interview first appeared on PR News. Social media engagement is now perceived as a must for b2c, b2b and nonprofit organizations—it’s practically become the fulcrum in which all digital communications take place. But this engagement comes with a price tag. It takes an investment in staff time and in the technology needed to manage […]

Camp Ketchum in Pictures

by Editor| July 26, 2013

Camp Ketchum 2013 got underway on Wednesday. 83 campers from around Ketchum’s global network congregated in Mont Tremblant, Canada for an intensive off-site training experience. The campers dove right in to the five-day  program with a community service project. The town of La Conception experienced a gas leakage a few years ago that contaminated their […]