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Christa Lombardi is an Account Supervisor in Ketchum’s New York Healthcare practice and proud Ketchum Creative Community member. In her 7 years with Ketchum, she has led and supported development and execution of branded and unbranded pharmaceutical programs surrounding regulatory and scientific milestones, patient and physician communications and advocacy group partnerships in the areas of rheumatology, gastroenterology, insomnia and cardiology, among others. Christa started her career with Ketchum as a strategic and creative planning associate. She is now a trained creativity facilitator and shares her passion for creativity by leading brainstorms and strategy sessions for agency teams in healthcare and other industries.

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Hit 90 Seconds of Uninhibited Creativity

Hit 90 Seconds of Uninhibited Creativity

by Christa Lombardi| June 5, 2013

Last month, I threw out all inhibitions and hit fast forward 90 years into the future. Recently, as we celebrated Ketchum’s 90th anniversary, agency CEO Rob Flaherty shared that 10 percent of the focus for the occasion would be on the past, and 90 percent would be on the future. With that, I sat around […]