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Alexis Morgan is an Account Associate in the New York office supporting the Frito-Lay, Avocados from Mexico, and Creative Teams. She received a BA in History from Princeton University in 2010. When she is not working she enjoys longboarding, playing basketball, dancing, and volunteering.

Creative Downloads for Your Smartphone

by Alexis Morgan| April 30, 2012

As the owner of a smartphone or tablet device, do you feel that you are getting the best CREATIVE use out of your gadgets? Do you find yourself throwing away crumpled pieces of paper left in your coat pocket with what could have been SABRE-worthy campaign ideas? Or maybe you decided to take a stroll […]

5 Tips to Capture Creative Inspirations

by Alexis Morgan| January 12, 2012

Upon purchasing a new iPhone a few weeks ago, I noticed a brilliant addition to the lock screen (Apple never fails to give me what I never knew I always wanted): a camera icon – just press the home button twice.  For some, this minute software upgrade may seem insignificant, but for me it was […]