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Alastair McCormick is an Account Manager with the Corporate & Public Affairs Practise at Ketchum in London. He specialises in corporate communications, content and campaign development, digital strategy and media relations, with experience across a range of sectors including technology, energy, professional services and travel. Outside of work, Alastair is sports mad and can mostly be found rowing up and down the Thames. Follow him on @alastairmccormi

Ketchum Social Responsibility Swarms Over East London

by Alastair McCormick| October 28, 2014

I recently spent time clearing, digging and weeding the garden at the Goldsmiths Community Garden in Hackney, East London. By the time we finished, my legs, arms and back ached, but in the best possible way. When I tell my friends, they can’t quite believe it: “Hang on, your company paid you to go gardening […]

Who is Winning the War of Words Over Airport Expansion?

by Alastair McCormick| August 8, 2013

On 7th August, Howard Davies’ UK Airports Commission, tasked with instructing the Government on the future of UK airport capacity, published details of all 48 proposals submitted last month. The future of UK airport capacity has been one of the biggest political footballs of recent years and with so many proposals on the table don’t […]