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Preparing for the 2020 Paid Social Media Landscape

by Rachel Winer | November 22, 2019

Gotta love a few slow social media weeks. Haha, slow? I think not. Mark Z. and Jack D. have grabbed our attention with their high-stakes social media chess match, battling it out over political and cause-related social issue ad rules and regs. So, what do brands need to know, and how can they prepare to […]

Marketing to Adults

Consistent #Adulting: 4 Marketing Tips

by Rachel Winer | April 18, 2019

Hate to see you go, so I think I’ll stay. But first, coffee. Like it or not, #adulting ain’t easy. As marketers and consumers alike try to do the adult life “right,” while still trying to keep up with industry trends, the tell ol’ tail of “keeping it cool” ultimately works best when we, Boomers, […]

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Digital Summit DC: The Mothership of Digital Marketing and Social Media Trends

by Rachel Winer | September 18, 2018

A few DC-based Digital folks recently attended the Digital Summit DC to close out the summer with the latest industry inspiration top of mind. With speakers ranging from top execs and brand managers at LinkedIn, Facebook, Refinery29, The Onion, U.S. Census Bureau, Animoto and more, we left with a slew of inspiring digital nuggets and […]

Social Amplification Alert: 5 Hot-button Paid Social Media Trends

Social Amplification Alert: 5 Hot-button Paid Social Media Trends

by Rachel Winer | June 5, 2018

As we strategize and implement ways to best navigate the recent Facebook algorithm changes, and the myriad of other social platform updates, and audience persona-label shifts, these 5 hot-button paid social trends have bubbled to the surface when ensuring future success for our digital clients.

Programmatic Ads: Is the Proof in the Pudding?

Programmatic Ads: Is the Proof in the Pudding?

by Rachel Winer | February 21, 2017

When my programmatic writing wheels started turning, my mind immediately swung comfortably to the search, social, native and video pieces on my imaginary, but personally preferred, paid media chess board. There I could easily talk about the who, what, when, where, why, and how I want to target – along with what the results would […]

It Pays to Optimize Your Hard Earned Work

It Pays to Optimize Your Hard Earned Work

by Rachel Winer | March 2, 2016

You’ve earned it. Now amplify it effectively to the right audience at scale. How can you use paid media to amplify the earned content that you’ve worked so hard as an agency to obtain (click to tweet)? The digital world provides many avenues, if used properly, to amplify your earned messaging, content and insights beyond […]