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Lauren is a Managing Consultant with Ketchum Analytics in Chicago. In her four years at Ketchum, she has managed studies in a multitude of business verticals, including retail, CPG, food, home and energy. Lauren’s research experience is expansive, ranging from primary studies such as surveys and focus groups to media measurement, issues heat mapping and target audience profiling. Lauren has a passion for youth marketing, constantly looking for ways to help our clients reach the ever-changing Gen Z and Millennial generations. Lauren also recently received the Highly Commended recognition for Young Professional of the Year at the 2020 AMEC Awards.

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As Gen Z Weathers COVID, They’re Shaping Tomorrow’s World

As Gen Z Weathers COVID, They’re Shaping Tomorrow’s World

by Angela Fernandez and Lauren Hasse | December 10, 2020

Gen Z is the generation most likely to be transformed by COVID-19. Their education has gone virtual, proms and graduations have been cancelled and their careers put on hold. That being said, as digital natives they may have also been the most prepared for the changes caused by the pandemic. The shift to a virtual […]

marketing to millennials and gen z- youth marketing summit

Youth Marketing Summit: Gen Z Carries the Torch Lit by Millennials

by Lauren Hasse | November 7, 2018

I love Millennials. That may be expected as I am both a Millennial myself, and a Millennial subject matter expert who spends a lot of her time reading about the latest industries Millennials have killed (American cheese, you’re on notice). I continue to be surprised by my generation’s ability to influence trends that have touched […]