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Katy is an Account Supervisor at Ketchum with strategic communications experience across many facets of the healthcare industry including biopharmaceutical, payer, global advocacy campaigns, and non-profit. She has supported clients through the launch of company-wide initiatives to address health inequities in their communities, served as the content creator and manager social and online platforms focused on health issues that arise from socio-economic inequality, and has led direct to physician campaigns advocating for maternal health, particularly in underserved communities.

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True Equity Means Accessibility for All

True Equity Means Accessibility for All

by Katy Thompson | August 5, 2021

Last week marked the Americans with Disabilities Act anniversary – a law signed 31 years ago as a result of a decades-long fight from the disability advocacy community that legally recognized for the first time the exclusion of people with disabilities as discrimination. To mark this historic date the FDR Memorial Legacy Committee held its […]