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As Vice President, Media Group Manager within Ketchum’s Media Specialty, Irene leads media programs and provides strategic counsel for a variety of clients and industries. She crafts compelling, newsworthy stories resonating with consumers, business leaders and shareholders. Via trusted relationships with journalists, she secures impactful placements in top-tier media outlets.

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Person creates TikTok video participating in the popular Bottle Flip Challenge.

Earned Media Tactics: 5 Ways Brands Can “Pop” in Pop Culture Media Moments

by Irene Rogers and Erica Saviano Tsioutas | April 20, 2022

As we scroll through our social media feeds and flip through TV channels, brands are popping up in pop culture moments. Whether it’s big events like the Super Bowl and the Academy Awards or small ones like what’s trending on Netflix and the latest TikTok trend, when brands are involved in these cultural conversations, PR […]