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A business development specialist, Franny is a creative catalyst and forward-thinking collaborator valued for her ability to reliably generate fresh ideas and strategic solutions that optimize programs and performance. Two years into her career at Ketchum, she finds inspiration in unexplored niches where brands can emerge and evolve, and is valued for her ability to approach these spaces with a passion and purpose that ignites new thinking. Since joining the business development team, she has helped the agency bring in several notable clients, including Target.

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The Radically Inclusive Future of Work

The Radically Inclusive Future of Work

by Myreete Wolford and Franny Campbell | August 12, 2020

Imagine a world where leaders and workplaces are empathetically antiracist, where creativity comes by and for women—with credit where it’s due—where BIPOC and LGBTQIA representation is integral to business success, where wellness is built into the cultural conversation, and where WFH is simply work. Ketchum sent a delegation to the 3% Conference for two days […]