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Andrew Moesel is a strategic communications professional with nearly two decades of experience in media relations, public affairs and crisis communications. In his role as Senior Vice President in Ketchum’s Issues and Crisis practice, Andrew helps clients navigate the increasingly perilous landscape of public opinion, working to develop strategies that both bolster and protect their corporate reputations. Proving counsel to clients across industry sectors and geographic locations, Andrew provides clients with strategic guidance and results-oriented tactics that are tailored to each situation, drawing from his own experience and Ketchum’s deep bench of subject matter experts.

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Natural Disasters Are Evolving. Your Retail Crisis Management Plan Should Too

Natural Disasters Are Evolving. Your Retail Crisis Management Plan Should Too

by Andrew Moesel | August 12, 2021

Once-in-a-generation hurricanes seem to happen every year. Seattle is sweltering with heat and earlier this year Texas was freezing with cold. Normally dry parts of Europe are soaked from dangerous floods. The planet is simply playing by different rules than it was even a decade ago—climate change is increasing the number and severity of natural […]

A Cybersecurity Strategy for Reputation and Business Continuity - close-up of woman's face with computer code projected onto it

A Cybersecurity Strategy for Reputation and Business Continuity

by Andrew Moesel and Bill Zucker | June 3, 2021

Cybersecurity strategy has been an imperative for operations/IT leaders and their communications partners for years, but its importance has been starkly highlighted by this weekend’s cyberattack on JBS Foods. It’s tempting to call this attack on the world’s largest meat processor a wake-up call for companies, but that’s only true for those who have been […]

Empathy: The Key to Human Connection in a Crisis

Empathy: The Key to Human Connection in a Crisis

by Andrew Moesel | October 14, 2020

Crisis is my job—it’s even right there in my title—but in 2020, it feels like we are all working in crisis, both professionally and in our personal lives. Recently, like so many of us, my friends and family have grappled with an onslaught of hardships: losing loved ones, getting fired, confronting the hard truths of […]

Stand Up and SpeakOut

Can Companies Afford to Take a Stand?

by John Bradbury and Andrew Moesel | November 13, 2019

How risky is it, really, for companies to speak out on political or cultural issues? The new reality—in which some stakeholders expect corporations to express their opinions on controversial topics—understandably makes many corporate leaders very nervous. In this hyper-partisan, social media-driven environment these political and cultural matters have vocal opponents on both sides, and the […]

Issues Heat Index crisis and reputation management

How to Future Proof Your Organization from Reputational Risk

by Andrew Moesel and Juliette Terrazas | September 18, 2019

It is the great dream of meteorologists and gamblers to be able to predict the future. Business leaders are likely a close third behind them. If history has taught us anything, however, it is that the world—and, by extension, business—is unpredictable. The old maxim tells us to expect the unexpected, and yet we often still […]