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As a Senior Partner, CEO of Ketchum’s European operations and Chairman of the London office, David Gallagher brings more than 20 years of public relations experience, both as a client and as a senior agency adviser, to some of the world’s leading brands and companies. Interested in PR, politics, Texas Longhorns and life with two labradoodles. Follow him on Twitter @TBoneGallagher.

Put Me in Coach: 5 Tips To Make a Good Team Great

by David Gallagher| August 14, 2015

I come from a family of coaches. My granddad, uncle and cousin all made or make their living coaching kids’ basketball, American football and track teams – and one distant relative was the legendary (in Oklahoma) wrestling coach Ed Gallagher (pictured). The quality of their teams varied. Raw talent is a major factor. Fitness and […]

Practice Before Preaching: 5 Reasons PR Agencies Need To Take Their Own CSR Seriously

by David Gallagher| August 7, 2015

A number of years ago we were wrapping up a very promising pitch to a FTSE 100 company on an ambitious multi-million pound CSR initiative when one of the key decision-makers asked, reasonably enough, “What does YOUR company do for itself for CSR?” We hemmed. We hawed. We fumbled our papers nervously. And tried to […]