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Ryan is Senior Manager, Online Communications, for Ketchum. He’s an avid cyclist and blogger, and is proud of his Southern roots. Feel free to check out his personal website, or connect with him on Twitter – @RyanShell.

Digital Tweets from Ketchum Peeps – Aug 26

by Ryan Shell| August 26, 2011

This has certainly been one of the more eventful news weeks that I can remember as of late. Think about it. We had an earthquake. Steve Jobs resigned. And now there’s a hurricane barreling up the east coast and potentially headed to New York City.What’s even more impressive is that if you are an avid […]

Digital Tweets from Ketchum Peeps – Aug 19

by Ryan Shell| August 19, 2011

As I hunt for tweets from Ketchum employees to share with you each Friday, I tend to take in a lot of information. One tweet in particular this week took me to a story that had my inner nerd captivated by how a company used social media to “wow” one of their customers/fans. Make sure […]

'The Situation' With One Brand

by Ryan Shell| August 17, 2011

There’s good publicity, and there’s bad publicity, with the latter of the two obviously not being the preferred option. The clothing company Abercrombie & Fitch has been known for stretching the limits and getting publicity over the years, albeit they’ve probably gotten more negative than they’d like to, but they’ve hit a situation that has […]

Digital Tweets from Ketchum Peeps

by Ryan Shell| August 12, 2011

One thing is certain, people love spoof Twitter accounts. Proof of the fact could easily be illustrated around the massive following the @BronxZooCobra (account now suspended) accumulated. A similar account popped up this week, but this time it was in the form of the Conde Nast elevator. This week’s digital tweets touch on that, as […]

Digital Tweets from Ketchum Peeps

by Ryan Shell| August 5, 2011

From a 1995 “So, what is this Internet” video from MTV to the latest mobile technology, we have a fun mix of tweets from Ketchum employees this week. By the way, if you’re seeing this post for the first time, check out last week’s edition to learn more about “Digital Tweets from Ketchum Peeps” is all […]