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Rafi heads up the Speaker Bureau division supporting his clients thought leadership strategies by placing them as speakers at conferences. He places senior executives as speakers at a wide range of conferences around the world covering topics such as technology, retail, healthcare, innovation, sustainability, marketing and leadership. In addition to running the Speaker Bureau, Rafi’s knowledge of dealing with international media has been of value to the many countries and supranational bodies that he has worked with to promote business investment, tourism and specialist high-profile campaigns for The Russian Federation, The State of Qatar, Azerbaijan, Morocco and The European Commission. Rafi’s passion for social media and the growing role of digital media in communications has seen him lead social media strategies for clients, acting as both a digital strategist and community manager on a number of campaigns for companies and countries alike carrying out blogger outreach exercises, as well as managing Facebook and Twitter pages.

60 Seconds with Ketchum: How to Get the Most out of Business Conferences

by Rafi Mendelsohn| July 9, 2014

Looking to get the most out of business conferences? In a 60 second video Rafi Mendelsohn gives tips on how get more value when engaging with the conference world.

Apps That Take the Sting Out of Conference Networking

by Rafi Mendelsohn| July 9, 2014

At Ketchum I deliver training to colleagues about twice a year on how to get the most from networking. The key aims of the training is to firstly dispel the myth that networking is purely a sales activity that has to be suffered and not enjoyed. Secondly, is to explain that getting away from your […]