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Kelley is a Partner and Director of Ketchum’s Global Brand Marketing Practice. She is the author of of the business book, Too Busy to Shop: Marketing to Multi-Minding Women (Praeger/Mar 2009) and the architect of the widely-publicized Women 25to54 offering.

Did Bill Clinton Endorse Mindfire?

by Kelley Skoloda| June 25, 2012

Speaker after speaker at Cannes has mentioned the power – and necessity – of engaging groups of diverse people in their business and initiatives if they really want to solve problems and develop major opportunities. Talking to fans was the first step for Jon Chu, producer for Justin Bieber, in producing his movie, Never Say […]

Getting Personal in Cannes

by Kelley Skoloda| June 22, 2012

After several days of sessions, forums, workshops and speakers, and a quick review of the winning PR Lions, I see an interesting trend emerging. What is it you wonder? Well, it’s personal. In fact, it goes beyond personal to what I am calling “hyper-personal.” Here’s what I am seeing.

No Cannes Do

by Kelley Skoloda| June 20, 2012

Last year, when I attended Cannes, I was impressed by a number of the individual presenters – like Robert Redford, and notable business leaders – as well as intrigued by the big-picture trends that percolated over the course of the week, such as purpose-driven brands. Since I arrived at this year’s festival, the presenters […]