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Calmetta Coleman is Director of Editorial Services and Corporate Media at Ketchum. A journalist-turned-PR pro, she frequently offers unsolicited advice and timeless tips for writing in today’s communications environment. She hopes someday to take up swimming, tennis, and piano; in the meantime, she is the mom of two grade-schoolers. Connect with Calmetta on Facebook or on Twitter – @Calmetta.

Five Ways Texting and Tweeting Can Make You a Better Writer

by Calmetta Coleman| June 8, 2011

Texting and tweeting can lead to sloppy writing . . . BUT . . . they can make you a stronger writer, too. In my role as Director of Editorial Services at Ketchum, I’ve noted more than a few times that the casual shorthand many of us use in e-mails, text messages and other forms of digital communication […]