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Amanda is a 23-year veteran at Ketchum. In her current role as the leader of organizational effectiveness and learning and development, Amanda provides strategic direction and consultation on strategy implementation, team development and dynamics, organizational effectiveness, leadership team alignment, and personal productivity for the agency and its employees. She also serves as a certified executive coach and lead trainer for Ketchum University. Prior to her role at Ketchum, Amanda was a Director at Stromberg Consulting where she was an external management consultant for 13 years. She holds her Master’s in Organizational Psychology and Executive Coaching certification from Columbia University. Amanda received her bachelor’s degree in Communications from the University of Michigan Honors College. She lives in New York with her husband and daughter. She’s an accomplished home cook, avid reader and novice Netflix-binger.

Collaborating Virtually Due to COVID-19? Turn on Your Webcam!

by Amanda Kowal Kenyon| March 12, 2020

As COVID-19 runs its course around the world, I’m writing this post from an increasingly familiar workspace: my kitchen counter. Today alone, I’ve facilitated two meetings online, had a one-on-one with a direct report, informally checked in with a colleague and attended a town hall as a remote employee, all via my webcam. Initially, back […]